What makes a perfect cafe?

What makes a perfect cafe?

What does it take for a café to be great and not just good? What is really the perfect café?

iStock_000035250728_SmallQuality, quality, quality!

Yes, quality. If they don’t serve quality coffee you’re not going to worry about atmosphere, location or anything else you might find important. The quality needs to be high, consistent and it needs to apply to everything that’s served within the café, from a simple espresso shot to a chocolate fondant. A great café uses top notch beans, educate their baristas and stick to their strengths. There’s no need to go way out of your comfort zone and start peddling in every new trend that comes along if your customers are happy with what you already serve.

Don’t love us and leave us

Another thing we definitely look for in a great café is the combination of atmosphere and staff. Everyone had different tastes when it comes to what kind of ambiance they prefer, but common across the board is that everyone wants to be met with a smile, a kind word and overall attentive and good customer service. As far as atmosphere goes, the most important thing is that everything fits together and that there is a common theme connecting the elements of the atmosphere. No one wants to sit in squishy armchairs and listen to loud rave music, just as most people wouldn’t appreciate a colour scheme that totally clashes with the style of the interior and ambiance of the place. A great café usually has several different seating types, to be able to accommodate both the solo lunch customer as well as the group of friends that want to spend hours chatting and laughing over flat whites and cappuccinos.

Another thing that has us coming back for more is when a café offers loyalty cards, where you’ll be awarded with free goodies just for coming back for another cup of coffee. This is a great way for the café to show appreciation for its returning customers, while at the same time securing revenue. It’s a real win-win situation!

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