How Cafes are Embracing Pouches to Serve Nicotine Users

One of the most bothersome tasks faced by the service industry is taking care of smoking patrons without upsetting non-smokers. The idea of a smoking zone has always been the most viable. However, it is disruptive and often inconveniences the smoker.

This is hanging, however, with the growing popularity of nicotine pouches in most cafes and eateries. As a smokeless form of nicotine intake, pouches give the user the same satisfaction of smoking without subjecting those around them to secondary smoke. The best cafes source their products from reputable shops like Northerner. The online shop has a wide range of top-quality pouches from leading brands like Zyn, Rogue and Velo. All these brands have pouches in different flavours to suit the preferences of different users.

Leading cafes are actively encouraging their patrons to take up nicotine pouches as an alternative to smoking. Not only are they more convenient than cigarettes, but they expose the user to a lower health risk. They are also good for the environment as the used pouches can be easily and cleanly disposed of. By driving this trend, top cafes can play a huge role in reducing smoking prevalence in all countries.

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