Creating a Relaxing Ambiance in Your Cafe

If you want to attract customers to your cafe and become famous, they will need to find that you have a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. They won’t want to be rushed. Going to a cafe is an experience to be enjoyed, a moment of pleasure on a stressful day. If you create the right ambiance, they will be tempted to linger, and of course, that means they will probably spend more money. At the end of the day, your cafe needs to make a profit, as mercenary as that sounds.

Adding Plants to Create Ambiance

Few people in this world don’t enjoy looking at and caring for plants. Many of them use to ensure they are giving their full attention to their plants. If you were to add some well-chosen indoor plants to your cafe, visitors would be delighted to sit among them, as they are an aid to relaxation. Not only that, but some species can help remove toxins from the air, giving your customers peace of mind. Many famous cafes are aware of this.

Caring for Your Plants

The life of a cafe owner is busy enough as it is, and you may perhaps feel stressed about taking on the responsibility of looking after plants as well. This is where you can rely on the Planta app. Of its many features, the most useful one is the smart reminder. This will notify you when it’s time to water your plants or if fertilizer is required. Depending on the species, they may also need misting or cleaning, and you can set reminders for these tasks.

Dealing With Problems

Of course, there may come a time when you discover a problem with your plants. This needs to be dealt with quickly. Your customers will not be happy if they are expected to take their lunch surrounded by dead plants. The Planta app can tell you what’s wrong and even advise you of a treatment plan. If you are not even sure what the name of the plant is, you can use the identification feature first.

Consider the Lighting in Your Cafe

When trying to create a relaxing ambiance in your cafe, the correct use of lighting is essential. Your customers don’t want to be sat under bright spotlights. Inevitably, there will be some shadier or less sunny areas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add any plants there. The Planta app has a helpful light meter, and this will allow you to measure the brightness in your cafe and find out what plants are best suited in different areas.

If you create the right atmosphere, then your customers will return and also mention it to their friends and family. The addition of some attractive plants and the use of the Planta app could make all the difference to your success. There is a plant list on the app, which will help you find just what you need.

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