Famous Cafés in Switzerland

Geneva and the surrounding areas are known for having a vast number of famous and beautiful cafés. All of these venues are perfect spots for those who enjoy a slower pace of life and just want to sit back and let the time go by, while they enjoy a delicious coffee and a piece of cake.

One of the things that have made Swiss cafés and other eateries in and around Geneva so famous is the unique decorations that can be found inside. While there are a few cafés in Switzerland that have opted for a modern look and feel, most go for a traditional style, and there are several that don’t appear to have changed for more than one hundred years.

Switzerland is famous for cuckoo clocks, and it is no surprise to most visitors that these famous traditional wall clocks put in an appearance in most traditional Swiss cafés. People who are visiting on holiday tend to make sure that they are in a café at the top of the hour so that they can see these unique pieces of Swiss engineering sing one of their traditional songs.

Of course, while the decoration is essential, there is much more to a Swiss café than only the look and feel. Menus in these outlets tend to be full of traditional and homely treats. Anyone visiting with a sweet tooth is bound to find something that is to their taste on the menu, and savoury treats, many featuring apples and other popular fruits topped with cinnamon or other spices also tend to be available. All in all, a visit to a traditional café in Switzerland is a beautiful way to get to know this European country.

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