Famous Cafes

Coffee has brought people together for centuries. Not to mention that nice, intense smell and bitter taste that kicks you out of bed and keeps you going throughout the day. Or how about a hot cup to warm up your hands while catching up with a friend in a nice café?

Buzzfeed has collected together 25 cafés you must visit before dying. Before having a closer look at their list we must point out that coffee culture is different all over the world. Italians, for example, enjoy their thick espresso standing in a tiny bar, which is nothing compared to Starbucks’ friendly, living room-like atmosphere. Kaffeine in London is a buzzing and vibrant café, where visitors can enjoy the barista’s specialties. On the other hand, and for the hotter days, Blue Bottle Coffee, across the Atlantic in Oakland, California, offers delicious iced coffee with a lot of milk to coffee lovers daily.

Café with great minds

When talking about famous cafes, we can’t ignore Cafe La Rotonde in Paris, where Ernest Hemingway’s. The Sun Also Rises is said to have been partly written. Hemingway was surely not the only writer to have visited La Rotonde. The café has also hosted poets T.S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, among others.

The Russians had their equivalent in St. Petersburg, where Chernyshevsky and Dostoevsky enjoyed a cup of black coffee or tea in the Literary Café.

Where to go today?

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