Famous Cafes Around the World

Spending time in a café, relaxing with a coffee, and watching the world go by is a pleasurable pastime. Think of any city in the world, and you are sure to find a famous cafe known for its location, food, or ambience. Surprisingly, the overall atmosphere in the cafe is the most crucial aspect that draws customers in. People expect quiet, attentive service, nicely laid out tables, and appropriate artwork on the walls.

Decor and Style

If you were to take a look at some of the most famous cafes around the world, such as The Black Lab in London or the Mazarine Cafe in San Francisco, you would immediately notice the gorgeous posters on their walls. Guests are entranced by the artwork, and you may wish to emulate this look within your own home. If you head to the Desenio website, you’ll be delighted to find they stock hundreds of posters on every subject you can think of.

Pick Your Theme

Perhaps you would like to recreate the look of the El Cariñito Cafe in Medellin, Columbia. This cafe has a great selection of vintage posters in an attractive gallery layout. Desenio’s website is easy to navigate, and the posters are organized into categories, so you can easily find the vintage section. There is an excellent selection of retro art prints covering every type of theme from bygone eras. You can choose from vinyl records, surfing, bicycles, birds, and vintage cars, to name a few.

Maps and Cities

You may wish to decorate your home with maps and city posters that remind you of where to find the most famous cafes in the world. As the prices at Desenio are so affordable, you could easily purchase a collection of posters featuring different cities such as Paris, Lisbon, and New York. As Desenio also supplies frames, it won’t be long before you have built up a beautiful gallery where you can sit and imagine yourself in a stylish cafe.

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