Coffee Shops Increase Creativity Drastically

Drinking coffee is an indispensable part of daily life for many people. The number of people who cannot start the day without drinking coffee increases immensely. It is a fact that some people even become more aggressive and angry towards daily practices of their routines if they don’t drink coffee early in the morning. Rather than herbal teas or aromatic drinks, so many people prefer drinking filter coffee or a strong espresso along their breakfast. The main reason why people prefer drinking coffee very early in the morning is the magical impact of caffeine that is found in the coffee seeds.

With the help of caffeine, it is easier for people to concentrate on the projects or issues that they are working on. The second widely accepted reason is that drinking coffee regularly and in small quantities helps your heart stay healthy for longer years. Many general practitioners from online platforms such as livi GP partners confirm the idea of drinking coffee regularly in small amounts and decreasing the risk of heart attack and cancer in the long run. Therefore, drinking coffee might stay as the most important aspect of our lives in the long run.

Drink Coffee and Get Socialized

The habit of drinking coffee can be individualized as well as used as a tool to get socialized among people. There is no famous city in this world without offering a coffee shop with the best quality coffee and a lively atmosphere for possible customers and also freelancers. Some cities in Europe and in the UK attract tourists for their famous cafes which are known to be the world’s best coffee shops while at the same time competing with each other on the quality and fame of these cafes.

There are multiple reasons why people prefer sharing this marvelous experience of drinking coffee with other customers and spread this joy all around themselves. Drinking coffee in a public area such as a coffee shop connects people with each other. It is quite likely to meet with somebody with your interests and tastes in the same cafe, therefore people are able to curb their individualism and urban loneliness while spending time in their favorite cafes.

Coffee Shops Increase Creativity: But How?

During the day, coffee shops welcome so many customers with different aims and needs. Some people prefer sitting at coffee shops in order to take a rest from their sightseeing tour or some just drop by on their way to their friend’s house. However, there is a certain group of people who enjoy the specific atmosphere of the cafes when it comes to working on a freelance basis, studying for exams, preparing project proposals or simply reading a book.

Researchers from the University of Illinois-Urbana Campaign revealed out that, the background noise of 70 dB at the coffee shops increases the level of creativity significantly. People talk and exchange ideas while being able to monitor the flow of their ideas and descriptions up in their mind. Therefore coffee shops serve as the ideal places for creative developers, freelancers, and students.

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